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Watch how our sessions look like in the ReDFoxes cheerleading studio

What are the age categories for children in the cheerleading team?


Children born
in 2012-2013


Children born
in 2011-2012


Children born
in 2009-2010


Children born
in 2006-2008


Children born
in 2001-2005


16 year-old and older

Experienced coaches will determine the right physical workload for each children group.
It lets children to utilise their possibilities and helps to achieve the best result.

What are the benefits of this training for your child?

Strengthening the inner

Supporting correct
body posture

Developing creative

Learning to focus
on results

Developing freedom
of expression

Improving plastic
body movements

Learning the fundamentals of various dancing styles

Great environment
and new friends

You can see child's achievements in the ReD FOXES competition in December and in May where every child can participate. After the assessment of performances, teams will be formed to represent our studio at international tournaments in Kiev and Ukraine.

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your child will take you there.

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Welcome to ReD FOXES
sports and beauty studio

«The ReD FOXES team is 15 years old. Over those years we conquered a lot of sports arenas in more than 25 countries. Today, I am a mother of three and I was inspired to open this studio, of course, by my daughters. Who else if not them would continue those great Charm and Beauty, Dance and Grace traditions, mastered to perfection by our coaches! It's a honour for me to see the smiles of our studio children and watching their desire to excel!»

Elena Rožkova, ReD FOXES founder


Our learner achievements and awards

Want your child to grow in a champion team
and achieve equally excellent results?

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Who will train your child

Daria Bomok

• Hip-hop, Jazz funk and cheerleading coach

• IFC cheerleading Ukraine champion in Street dance solo nomination

• ReD Foxes team member from 2008. Participant of London Olympics, twice of the World and 4 times European Basketball Championship participant. Team captain from 2010.

• Believes that every child is talented ant the task of the coach is to help reveal it.

Vera Esenkova

• Choreographer, cheerleading coach.

• From 2005 - ReD Foxes choreographer of children and youth teams, cheerleading coach.

• Her learners are participants and winners of various contests, tournaments and competitions.

• The most important for Vera is to see the shining eyes of her learners during training.

Marina Nestiuk

• Artistic gymnastics and cheerleading coach.

• Cheerleading sports master in Ukraine.

• 5 times Ukrainian champion (ICF) in Jazz Solo, Jazz Doubles, Street Dance Doubles.

• European Championship silver winner in Jazz Doubles.

• ReD Foxes member from 2014. European Championship participant (France).

Liubove Scerbina

• Cheerleading coach, choreographer.

• Ukrainian National Physical Education and Sports University graduate.

• ReD Foxes member from 2003. Participant of Athens and Beijing Olympics, two times World Championships (in Japan and Turkey), four times European Championship.

• Liubove believes that you have to do your best with everything and do it with pleasure. This is what learners learn from her.

Elena Rozhova

• Coach.

• Choreographer of performances.

• Artistic gymnastics sports master.

• RED FOXES founder.

• The main goal of Elena's training is to dance from the bottom of your heart and to reach a better result than the last time. Want to be the best - work more than yesterday!

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What learners' parents say about the ReD Foxes studio

Макаренко Анна

«При выборе студии ориентируюсь на желания ребенка и профессионализм тренеров, высокие цели, соревнования, именно поэтому выбрали Red Foxes. Понравилось очень профессиональное отношение к делу. Отношение тренеров к детям и занятиям, а руководителей – к мелочам в тренировочном и соревновательном процессе. Цели: хочу, чтоб ребенок ходил на занятия с удовольствием, был спортивным и достигал спортивных результатов, которые будут поднимать его личную самооценку. Очень довольны, всегда студию ставим в пример, поэтому замечаний нет

Марченко Оксана и Сергей

Объединение желания ребенка и ее мечты, студия профессионалов. Разностороннее развитие. Цели: здоровый дух. Вы – самые самые!!!

Сиромаха Анна

«Понравилось очень профессиональное отношение к делу. Отношение тренеров к детям и занятиям, а руководителей – к мелочам в тренировочном и соревновательном процессе»

Аннет Макарена

Я,как мама,очень довольна подходом тренеров и,особенно,директором студии! Процесс подготовки деток на высшем уровне. От студии до непосредственно тренировок. Профессионализм чувствуется во всем. Чувствуется,что все преподаватели "болеют" своим делом. А самое главное,что здесь придется по душе и тем родителям,которые хотят просто занять своих чад каким-либо занятием,и тем,кто хочет воспитать спортсмена. Моя дочь в полном восторге! Отдельное спасибо Елене Сергеевне,Вере и Марине! Благодаря вам,наши детки чемпионы Киева и Украины!

They talk and write about us

Телеканал «XSPORT» — украинский
мультиспортивний портал

«Олимпийская команда чирлидеров «ReD Foxes» открыла первую в Украине студию, в которой девушки из группы поддержки будут учить посетителей премудростям своей профессии – от спортивной составляющей (гимнастики, танца, ритмике и чирлидинга) до элементов шоу – визаж, аквагрим и даже вокал.»


Сюжет телеканала 112
о ReD Foxes Studio

Training price in ReD FOXES Studio

PREMIUM membership

8 classes
of 1 hour
800 UAH

PREMIUM membership

12 classes of 1 hours
or 8 of 1,5 hours
1000 UAH

PREMIUM membership

12 classes
of 1,5 hours
1300 UAH

PREMIUM membership

12 classes
of 2 hours
1600 UAH

VIP memebership

8 classes of
1 hour
1400 UAH

VIP memebership

12 classes of 1 hours
or 8 of 1,5 hours
2000 UAH

VIP memebership

12 classes
of 1,5 hours
3000 UAH

VIP memebership

12 classes of 2 hours
3600 UAH

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What our training entails?

Engage in general
physical fitness

Stretching exercises according to the «no tears» methodology

Learning cheerleading team hand positions

Learning gymnastic exercises

Learning to align
in lines

Learning good

Learning new
dance steps

Learning synchronized

Answers to frequently asked questions

In what group should I register my child?

Groups are age-based or competition rule-based. We recommend to register your child according to his/her age. The child will get adapted to the new sports and the new team easier.

In which competitions and in which nominations can we participate?

According to the rules of the Federation, the following persons take part in the competition:
  • Children of age groups 5-6, 7-9, 9-12, 11-16, 16 years and older, as well as adults from 25 years and older
  • In team (from 5 people), duet and solo compositions
  • In the directions Cheer Dance, Pom Dance, Street Cheer, Jazz, Cheer and stants
Club competitions, city, regional, all-Ukrainian and international tournaments and festivals are held all year round. The trainer of the group chooses the main, based on the readiness of each particular group and child. Also, all the studio teams take part in demonstration performances at various events.

How long does the classes take?

Classes in groups of 7 years last 1 hour 25 minutes, in younger age groups - 55 minutes. At the same time, the lesson focuses on the development of physical qualities, coordination and dance, stretching and choreography.

Is it suitable for children who have never done sports and dancing before?

Of course. Even if the child has never done sports and dancing, during training he becomes physically stronger, more plastic, more flexible, learns to move and feel the music.

What do parents do during the workout?

For sports moms open direction Cheer Mom. For creative - make-up courses. Also, children's development centers are working in Poznyaky, so if you come with a baby, you will have where to entertain. For the parents of ReD FOXES Petrivka, a pleasant bonus is the neighborhood with the Auchan hypermarket, where you can make the necessary purchases while your child is in class.

Choose a hall most
comfortable for you in Kiev


Kiev, Sribnokilsaja street, 3G
ТЦ «inSilver»

Manager's tel.:

+38 (063) 233 05 00


м. Київ, вул. Владимирський Узвіз 2,
Палац «Київська троянда»

Manager's tel.:

+38 (063) 233 05 00


м. Київ, вул. Маршала Тимошенко, 13-Б
університет Б.Грінченко

Manager's tel.:

+38 (063) 233 05 00


Kiev, Kurenivskaja street, 18,
Totem Dance

Manager's tel.:

+38 (063) 233 05 00


Kiev, Stolichnoye Shose street,
SC Atmosphere

Manager's tel.:

+38 (063) 233 05 00